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Big Damn Speedbump

The birth father is contesting the adoption.

The birth father, the man in jail with no job and no way to provide for a child, decided on the last day and in the literal last hour, to file a paternity suit. The birth mom is going to talk to him this weekend in an attempt to feel him out to see if he's just being a douche bag out of spite or if he's serious.

Joel Kirsh seems to think he's being spiteful but has no intention of backing down.  He's warned us that this situation will most likely fall through.  We're being waylaid by douchebaggery.  We should know more by Tuesday.

The staff at Kirsh & Kirsh have been wonderful through all this.  Joel, one of the two brothers who runs the firm, called me personally to discuss the possibilities and our options.  Our options are not good.  I spoke to his wife, Jacque, who told me not to worry, that this could just be a speedbump.  This is a big damn speedbump.

So close.  We're so damn close.
Tags: adoption, words of woe, wtf

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